Troubleshooting: Pod stuck in creating state when Longhorn volumes filesystem is corrupted

Chin-Ya Huang | August 19, 2021

Applicable versions

All Longhorn versions.


The pod stays in container Creating with errors in the log.

  Warning  FailedMount             30s (x7 over 63s)  kubelet                  MountVolume.SetUp failed for volume "pvc-bb8582d5-eaa4-479a-b4bf-328d1ef1785d" : rpc error: code = Internal desc = 'fsck' found errors on device /dev/longhorn/pvc-bb8582d5-eaa4-479a-b4bf-328d1ef1785d but could not correct them: fsck from util-linux 2.31.1
ext2fs_check_if_mount: Can't check if filesystem is mounted due to missing mtab file while determining whether /dev/longhorn/pvc-bb8582d5-eaa4-479a-b4bf-328d1ef1785d is mounted.
/dev/longhorn/pvc-bb8582d5-eaa4-479a-b4bf-328d1ef1785d contains a file system with errors, check forced.
/dev/longhorn/pvc-bb8582d5-eaa4-479a-b4bf-328d1ef1785d: Inodes that were part of a corrupted orphan linked list found.  

/dev/longhorn/pvc-bb8582d5-eaa4-479a-b4bf-328d1ef1785d: UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY; RUN fsck MANUALLY.
  (i.e., without -a or -p options)


Longhorn cannot remount the volume when the Longhorn volume has a corrupted filesystem. The workload then fails to restart as a result of this.

Longhorn cannot fix this automatically. You will need to resolve this manually when this happens.


  1. Look for indications:
  • Check if the volume is in an error state from the Longhorn UI.
  • Check Longhorn manager pods log for system corruption error messages.

If the volume is not in an error state then the file system inside Longhorn volume may be corrupted by an external reason.

  1. Scale down the workload.
  2. Attach the volume to any node from the UI.
  3. SSH into the node.
  4. Find the block device corresponding to the Longhorn volume under /dev/longhorn/.
  5. Run fsck to fix the filesystem.
  6. Detach the volume from the UI.
  7. Scale up the workload.
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