Uninstall Longhorn


  1. To prevent damage to the Kubernetes cluster, we recommend deleting all Kubernetes workloads using Longhorn volumes (PersistentVolume, PersistentVolumeClaim, StorageClass, Deployment, StatefulSet, DaemonSet, etc).

  2. From Rancher UI, navigate to Catalog Apps tab and delete Longhorn app.


I deleted the Longhorn App from Rancher UI instead of following the uninstallation procedure

Redeploy the (same version) Longhorn App. Follow the uninstallation procedure above.

Problems with CRDs

If your CRD instances or the CRDs themselves can’t be deleted for whatever reason, run the commands below to clean up. Caution: this will wipe all Longhorn state!

# Delete CRD finalizers, instances and definitions
for crd in $(kubectl get crd -o jsonpath={.items[*].metadata.name} | tr ' ' '\n' | grep longhorn.rancher.io); do
  kubectl -n ${NAMESPACE} get $crd -o yaml | sed "s/\- longhorn.rancher.io//g" | kubectl apply -f -
  kubectl -n ${NAMESPACE} delete $crd --all
  kubectl delete crd/$crd