Install Longhorn with the Rancher UI

Run Longhorn on Kubernetes with Rancher 2.x


  1. Rancher v2.1+
  2. Docker v1.13+
  3. Kubernetes v1.8+ cluster with 1 or more nodes and Mount Propagation feature enabled. If your Kubernetes cluster was provisioned by Rancher v2.0.7+ or later, MountPropagation feature is enabled by default. Check your Kubernetes environment now. If MountPropagation is disabled, the Kubernetes Flexvolume driver will be deployed instead of the default CSI driver. Base Image feature will also be disabled if MountPropagation is disabled.
  4. Make sure curl, findmnt, grep, awk and blkid has been installed in all nodes of the Kubernetes cluster.
  5. Make sure open-iscsi has been installed in all nodes of the Kubernetes cluster. For GKE, recommended Ubuntu as guest OS image since it contains open-iscsi already.


  1. Navigate to the Cluster and Project where you will install Longhorn
  2. Navigate to Apps
  3. Click the Launch Button
  4. Find the Longhorn item in the catalog and click it.
  5. You can leave the defaults for now.
  6. Click Launch
  7. Longhorn is now installed.
  8. Click the index.html link to navigate to the Longhorn dashboard.