Storage Tags


The storage tag feature enables the user to only use certain nodes or disks for storing Longhorn volume data. For example, performance-sensitive data can use only the high-performance disks which can be tagged as fast, ssd or nvme, or only the high-performance node tagged as baremetal.

This feature supports both disks and nodes.


The tag setup can be found at Longhorn UI:

  1. Node -> Select one node -> Edit Node and Disks
  2. Click +New Node Tag or +New Disk Tag to add new tags.

All the existing scheduled replica on the node or disk won’t be affected by the new tags


When multiple tags are specified for a volume, the disk and the node (the disk belong to) must have all the specified tags to become usable.


When creating a volume, specify the disk tag and node tag in the UI.


Use Kubernetes StorageClass setting to specify tags.

For example:

kind: StorageClass
  name: longhorn-fast
  numberOfReplicas: "3"
  staleReplicaTimeout: "480" # 8 hours in minutes
  diskSelector: "ssd"
  nodeSelector: "storage,fast"


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