Synchronize Backup Volumes Manually

After creating a backup, Longhorn creates a backup volume that corresponds to the original volume (on which the backup is based). A backup volume is an object in the backupstore that contains multiple backups of the same volume.

Earlier Longhorn versions poll and update all backup volumes at a fixed interval. Longhorn v1.6.2 provides a way for you to manually synchronize backup volumes with the backup target.

Important: You must set up a backup target and verify that a backup volume was created before attempting to synchronize. Longhorn returns an error when no backup target and backup volume exist.

  • Synchronize all backup volumes:

    1. On the Longhorn UI, go to Backup.
    2. Click Sync All Backup Volumes.
  • Synchronize a single backup volume:

    1. On the Longhorn UI, go to Backup.
    2. Select a backup volume.
    3. Click Sync Backup Volume.

To check if synchronization was successful, click the name of the backup volume on the Backup screen.

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