Support Bundle

Since v1.4.0, Longhorn replaced the in-house support bundle generation with a general-purpose support bundle kit.

You can click the Generate Support Bundle at the bottom of Longhorn UI to download a zip file containing cluster manifests and logs.

During support bundle generation, Longhorn will create a Deployment for the support bundle manager.

Note: The support bundle manager will use a dedicated longhorn-support-bundle service account and longhorn-support-bundle cluster role binding with cluster-admin access for bundle collection.

With the support bundle, you can simulate a mocked Kubernetes cluster that is interactable with the kubectl command. See simulator command for more details.


Longhorn currently does not support concurrent generation of multiple support bundles. We recommend waiting until the completion of the ongoing support bundle before initiating a new one. If a new support bundle is created while another one is still in progress, Longhorn will overwrite the older support bundle.


Original Feature Request

Available since v1.4.0

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