Longhorn nodes must meet the following requirements:

  • AMD64 or ARM64 CPU


    AMD64 CPUs require SSE4.2 instruction support.

  • Linux kernel

    5.19 or later is required for NVMe over TCP support


    Host machines with Linux kernel 5.15 may unexpectedly reboot when volume-related IO errors occur. Update the Linux kernel on Longhorn nodes to version 5.19 or later to prevent such issues.

  • Linux kernel modules

    • uio
    • uio_pci_generic
    • nvme-tcp
  • Huge page support

    • 2 GiB of 2 MiB-sized pages



When the V2 Data Engine is enabled, each instance-manager pod utilizes 1 CPU core. This high CPU usage is attributed to the spdk_tgt process running within each instance-manager pod. The spdk_tgt process is responsible for handling input/output (IO) operations and requires intensive polling. As a result, it consumes 100% of a dedicated CPU core to efficiently manage and process the IO requests, ensuring optimal performance and responsiveness for storage operations.


SPDK leverages huge pages for enhancing performance and minimizing memory overhead. You must configure 2 MiB-sized huge pages on each Longhorn node to enable usage of huge pages. Specifically, 1024 pages (equivalent to a total of 2 GiB) must be available on each Longhorn node.


Local NVMe disks are highly recommended for optimal storage performance of volumes using V2 Data Engine.

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