Selective V2 Data Engine Activation

Starting with v1.6.0, Longhorn allows you to enable or disable the V2 Data Engine on specific cluster nodes. You can choose to enable the V2 Data Engine only on powerful nodes in a cluster with varied power states. This is not possible in v1.5.0, which enables the V2 Data Engine on all nodes.

Disabling the V2 Data Engine on Specific Nodes

  1. Identify the nodes that should not run the V2 Data Engine.

  2. Add the label "true" to the selected nodes.

  3. Enable the global setting v2-data-engine.

As a result, the following occur only on nodes without the label:

  • Instance Manager pods for the V2 Data Engine are spawned.
  • V2 Data Engine functionality remains available.


V2 volume creation is possible only on nodes where the V2 Data Engine is enabled. You must schedule workloads that use V2 volumes on such nodes.


For more information, see [FEATURE] Selective V2 Data Engine Activation.

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