Cloud-native Distributed Block Storage for Kubernetes

Easy to use, 100% open source, run anywhere

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Add persistent storage to Kubernetes in one-click
Fast failover for stateful services
Improving fault tolerance of your applications

Why Use Longhorn

Highly available persistent storage for Kubernetes

In the past, ITOps and DevOps have found it hard to add replicated storage to Kubernetes clusters. As a result many non-cloud-hosted Kubernetes clusters don’t support persistent storage. External storage arrays are non-portable and can be extremely expensive.

Longhorn delivers simplified, easy to deploy and upgrade, 100% open source, cloud-native persistent block storage without the cost overhead of open core or proprietary alternatives.

Easy incremental snapshots and backups

Longhorn’s built-in incremental snapshot and backup features keep the volume data safe in or out of the Kubernetes cluster.

Scheduled backups of persistent storage volumes in Kubernetes clusters is simplified with Longhorn’s intuitive, free management UI.

Cross cluster disaster recovery

External replication solutions will recover from a disk failure by re-replicating the entire data store. This can take days, during which time the cluster performs poorly and has a higher risk of failure.

Using Longhorn, you can control the granularity to the maximum, easily create a disaster recovery volume in another Kubernetes cluster and fail over to it in the event of an emergency.

If your main cluster fails, you can bring up the app in the DR cluster quickly with a defined RPO and RTO.

How it Works

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Longhorn is a CNCF sandbox project

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